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We’re Moriati. Not that dastardly villain who pesters a somewhat iconic detective. No, we’re cut from another cloth. One born from the media sector. Recruiting across digital, adtech, programmatic and events sectors, Sales/Ad-Ops/Agency coverage. Welcome to our thinktank. We’re pretty well-versed when it comes to what we know and trust us, it might be worth reading some of the articles below.

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Counter Offers - Why was I not rewarded before


Having managed to wow your potential new employers after three rounds of interviews; you have now secured the job offer that you were hoping for. After hearing the good news; from your trusted recruiter; it now dawns on you that the emotionally toughest part of the whole process is about to commence; your resignation. (Unless of cause you are incredibly keen to leave)


Chances are you have grown particularly attached to your current company/agency. (be it colleagues, managers, your reputation etc.) You are now full of dread about handing in your notice and making that final step towards the next chapter of your career story… Next come’s the universally choreographed response from your immediate superior.


“We are surprised to hear of this news. It’s very appropriate that you have handed in you notice as we have recently been discussing how important you are to the business. We agree that you certainly deserve a pay rise and a promotion- we can make it happen!”


Generally now is the time when the thoughts naturally begin to creep in, about staying. ("Well they have offered me the same salary and the promotion that I always wanted!") Now is the time to take a deep breath and be very, very wary about a pleasantly tempting counter offer. At this point it’s time to think a bit deeper and to clear your mind from the initial flattery of the counter offer. ("Hang on? Before the handing in of my notice- my boss barely had any time whatsoever for me- now I am the most important asset in the business"). Next take yourself back to that very first moment, when you made that carefully considered decision to put your skills and experience to the job market; why did you do so?


If the answer to this question is that you were purely seeking to use the new employment offer as leverage, to force your employer to improve your current package (This tactic is being increasingly used in the current job market), then congratulations, you have achieved your goal in the short term! The reality however is that by using this tactic- you seriously risk breaking the bond of trust and commitment with your current employer, negatively affecting your longer term career at the business. Further to that; 80% of people that accept counter offers leave within a year.


If the situation is that you were genuinely looking to move position and are counter offered- you must ask yourself, why was I not rewarded in the first place for my hard work and successes? After weighing up this question- go ahead and enjoy the new job!