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We’re Moriati. Not that dastardly villain who pesters a somewhat iconic detective. No, we’re cut from another cloth. One born from the media sector. Recruiting across digital, adtech, programmatic and events sectors, Sales/Ad-Ops/Agency coverage. Welcome to our thinktank. We’re pretty well-versed when it comes to what we know and trust us, it might be worth reading some of the articles below.

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How much should you make as a SEO professional?

It isn’t easy to generalise an answer to this question as it will always depend on geography, size of the company, importance of SEO to its’ business model, as well as on an individual’s capability and experience. However, I can offer you some guidelines by listing the job titles that are common in the SEO world, these are just examples - there isn't industry standardization.

In House

VP/Director of Search Marketing

£65,000 - £250,000+

This individual is ultimately responsible for setting direction and strategies for large companies with annual earnings starting at several million

Director/Manager of Organic Search

£45,000 - £100,000

This person is responsible for managing a team of SEO personnel in-house and reports to the VP of Marketing. Again, large companies have layers like this…


Campaign Manager

£30,000 - £65,000

The campaign manager would report to a director, but manages a team focused on specific campaigns for a site, keyword set, content area, etc.


SEO Specialist (Links, Content and/or KW Research)

£18,000 - £30,000

An SEO specialist is the true "worker" of the search team - optimizing page content, researching keywords, building links, adding content, etc. The range is very wide due to experience and opportunity…


Agency Side

SEO Account Director

£45,000 - £65,000

The SEO director heads up the SEO team (sometimes several teams), providing strategy, overseeing processes, providing training and occasionally getting their hands dirty…

SEO Account Manager

£30,000 - £45,000

The SEO AM is responsible for maintaining SEO projects and tasks, keeping in communication with clients, managing a team of exec’s and keeping directors informed.


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