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Media Nomads V Lloyds Insurance

Just a quick update. The Media Nomads face fierce competition next Wednesday (October 26th) in the form of Lloyds Insurance! In a game which on paper is a David vs Goliath situation, to give it context Lloyds have 80,00 employees and tour to the Hong Kong 7s every year, and in comparison to the Nomads who get smashed at the local Sam Smith's in Soho, it should be a mismatch for the ages. However, the game promises big knocks, high-intensity play and a meeting of minds in the form of skull thumping, it is surely not one to miss. Kick off is at 7.30pm in Kidbrooke (one stop from Blackheath). Free beers after the game! Huzzah!

Anybody in media who wants to come and watch or play contact: Charlie Curtis, Coach and MD of Moriati Digital Recruitment.   

Up the Nomads!