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We’re Moriati. Not that dastardly villain who pesters a somewhat iconic detective. No, we’re cut from another cloth. One born from the media sector. Recruiting across digital, adtech, programmatic and events sectors, Sales/Ad-Ops/Agency coverage. Welcome to our thinktank. We’re pretty well-versed when it comes to what we know and trust us, it might be worth reading some of the articles below.

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Mistletoe, Wine and a healthy dose of ShepShouts…

And that's a wrap. 2017 has (nearly) come and gone, and before we've really had a chance to catch our breath; 2018 is going to slap us across the chops like one of Santa's soggy socks. As with every year, it's a chance to reflect upon what has gone well but equally the learning's we can take in to the new year and beyond. This goes for all walks of life - I've started off a little preachy here, let's change tack slightly and get to the point. As I'm sure you're aware, I'm no Saint Shep; far from it. But I do enjoy helping talent progress in their careers, and in the name of Christmas I've delved in to my velvet sack and pulled out a winner for my loyal following. So grab a glass of wine, snuggle up on the sofa, admire your baubles and get a load of this...
Finding that dream job is a testing time - the job market can fluctuate, your face might not fit or a handful of different factors. As a recruitment guru, I see some of the frustration job seekers go through first hand - most of which is completely out of their own hands. However that being said, there are a number of things that candidates can do to improve their chances; after all as ChumbaWamba once famously said 'I get knocked down, but I get up again. You're never gonna keep me down'. Here's my list of 'to do's' which will (hopefully) help you get that dream job in 2018 - most fairly obvious, but some often forgotten!
1) Prepare, prepare, prepare. I'd be a millionaire if I was given £50 for every time I got the feedback- 'I liked them but they didn't prepare enough'. Alright, not quite that often; but this is the most frustrating feedback. The balls in your court, you're only letting yourself down.
2) Match your skills with the Job Spec. Take your time to go through the Job spec. Everything the hiring manager is looking for in their perfect candidate is on that piece of paper. Take the time to match your skills with each point and illustrate them with examples from your CV/experience. Tick the boxes on the JD and you'll stand in good stead moving forward.
3) For heavens sake, turn up on time! Scrap that, turn up 10 mins early - first impressions can often be hard to shake. Plan your route and aim to get to the area 30 mins before hand. Grab yourself a cheeky Costa, take a minute to relax and delve through the history of #ShepShouts articles.
4) And Breathe...What's the worst that can happen? Chill out. Enjoy the process, it's an exciting time. You'll learn so much from just speaking to different people and seeing different environments. It's a hard thing to do but let the moment take you and demonstrate you have the right skill set for the role. You won't do this if you get your knickers in a twist.
5) It's not all about you. Any interview I've led, the most successful candidates have always asked about me and the business. Although the interview is about you being right for them, it's also about the business being right for you. Ask questions, be interested. Dig deep and see what you find!
6) CLOSE. Hard one this - once gave this advice to a friend of mine, they turned around and said he was useless and they wouldn't employ him in 100 years. If the interview has gone well, tackle their reservations there and then. Do they have any? This will prove 2 things - your ability to close deals/ask the right question at the right time & that you want to impress. If they come back with negative feedback, it gives you a chance to prove them wrong.
7) Always follow up! Send an email of thanks through to the interviewer and members you met. This showcases a real sense of professionalism, whilst also taking the time to appreciate their sacrifice in meeting with you. No matter how well or badly the meet went - this is a must!
This is the small print part - the part where I claim I'm not responsible for any unsuccessful interviews. So please don't come and hunt me down. What I will guarantee though, is if you implement these points in to your interview technique you'll be in a better position to land that job!
By the looks of it you've drained your glass of vino, the dogs run off with one of your baubles and you're probably a little dissatisfied with your Christmas gift from me. Unfortunately this is non-returnable.
All that's left to say is that I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Take care and see you all in 2018.
HoHoHo #ShepShouts
Nick Sheppard
Moriati Recruitment Consultant