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Nomads Rugby vs JP Morgan

Media Nomads

Results: Media Nomads 27 - JP Morgan 12

Turning up with 2 big props subsequently finding out the opposition had none... was interesting. Luckiliy we had a bench of mobile forwards we made the most of. It was a great game end to end, almost like the Sevens at times. They scored first from a bit of a breakaway after we kept them off our line for almost 25 mins. We then worked out running from our own line was not the best  idea..... David Ogufere came on as a sub for Lee, a somewhat less mobile forward. Impact was immediate and he went over for a great try. We got a 14 point head start as they had no front row but the boys were still keen to smash them. Davis drove through again and was held up over the line.

The backs: Rupert, Jamie, Nino and Mitch were smashing there much bigger counter parts which worried them. Emory and Tom W were breaking the line well, assisted by Fraser popping up in the 10 channel, making ground as always.

At second half we became more structured. Old head Andy Hyatt enetered the fray and steadied the rush of blood, that and the fact we got to know each others game better culminated in a try by Nino. After a great move through the backs and forwards, excellent try. Gas, gas, gas...

Very soon after Will Northover having a stormer at 9 was smashed by their man mountain with his foot trapped he snapped his knee and will have 6 months out of the game as a result. Sad times. One of our most loyal and talented players is out for the season. Will Northover was replaced by Will Akers who did a great job of tackling and feeding the backs.

Great new crop of media guys including Nino from Ziff Davis - David Ogufere (started in the forwards finished at Centre) - Abeku Nelson from MEC Global, Luke Thegas from Kantar (who injured himself after 5 mins but came back on, something to do with heavy fitness session the day many times... Mitch O'Callaghan from Glass View and Will Akers ( Bomb Disposal).

Man of the match was Rupert Wood normally a winger played exceptionally well at 10, great kicking and impressive, passing, running and tackling (I know from 10!).

Two special mentions both tackled like animals:

Michael Parker -  Playing in the back row did a round trip if 250 miles from Leicester (he's just moved up there). Top lad and did not go off tired, sorry injured @ Charlie W smile

Charlie Wapshott - On holiday from Australia played a great game again in the back row and shgowed what a player he is! He also pointed out he'd never lost a game with the Nomad. I believe you thousands wouldnt...happy to see a crop of new players coming through bodes well for the future!

Love Coach Charlie