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Self-indulgence Alert!! British Heart Foundation Marathon

Right, so I’m running the London marathon in 2018. I’ve flirted with the idea for years but it remained an idea as less enriching avenues and pastimes were pursued.
Now I’m older, wiser (don’t laugh), married and happier, priorities in life have changed and I am genuinely as excited about the relentless training and positive changes this will have on my health and well-being as I am about the big day itself. 
The British Heart Foundation was always going to be my first choice of charity after what happened to my dad and I am delighted and honoured to have been allocated a spot to run for such an amazing organisation. 
In short, I really need your support for this guys and if you could help by sponsoring me and the British Heart Foundation, I will be grateful in the most soppy and pathetic way imaginable. I’ll be an embarrassing sight and it will all be worth it.
Adam Dineen 
Moriati Managing Consultant – Ad Tech | Programmatic | Agency Sales