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We’re Moriati. Not that dastardly villain who pesters a somewhat iconic detective. No, we’re cut from another cloth. One born from the media sector. Recruiting across digital, adtech, programmatic and events sectors, Sales/Ad-Ops/Agency coverage. Welcome to our thinktank. We’re pretty well-versed when it comes to what we know and trust us, it might be worth reading some of the articles below.

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The Moriati mouth itself: Harley Cooper – Moriati Resourcer

From the Moriati mouth itself: Harley Cooper – Moriati Resourcer Eager employees in numbers gladly gave up their free time on Sunday to go and support a very noble cause. Arriving with tired dispositions and a promise of warm food Hiral (Moriati Resourcer), Harley (Moriati Resourcer), Kendra (Moriati Recruitment Consultant) and Adam D (Moriati Recruitment Manager) arrived early to the event to help with any additional set up required and eye up the competition to the tenacious underdogs of the Media Nomads. Competition was fierce with many of the Rugby Players from all walk’s of life/companies proceeded to make the Moriati spectators envy and reassess their life ambitions and choices with bulging muscles and broad shoulders being overtly displayed by all. The games kicked off at 10:30 sharp with affluent and energetic commentary and score updates. Four pitches hosted the games with the main pitch (pitch 1) sitting in front of the bleachers. This blogger can only speak from the perspective of the Moriati performances, but can report with hand on heart that Media Nomads came out swinging with rapacious applause and support from the sidelines as they trounced Total Media 34-17 in a thrilling affair that was peppered with turnovers, conversions, contentious tackles and the personification of onomatopoeia: CRUNCH! Next up with the pink clad boys of Perform who looked rather bloody good and proceeded to show the Media Nomads what for with a stellar defensive and offensive master class, not without its of joy for the boys in black (Media Nomads) who missed out sadly on a few great opportunities to capitalise. A loss. 21-5. Convert? Never. This was it. The big moment. The Nomads on a lifeline and everything lying on the sweat covered brows of the men opposing them. Nomads vs ED & F Man. Both need and win. Both want a place in the knockout stages. The whistle blows. Hiral squeals, Kendra stumbles in surprise and Harley (with the eyes of an eagle) self-commentates the play. The thunder dome is open, folks. Only one man, or rather group of men, leave. A stumble, a fumble, a tackle, a heckle, a cry of frustration and the explosive battle cry of a converted try. It’s close. The media Nomads bring a last minute addition to their ranks who makes a thunderous run down the left hand side of pitch and converts. But alas…it is not enough. Game ends 19-17 to ED & F Man. Kendra stumbles to her knees, Hiral blinks back the tears forming in her eyes and Harley remains stoic. It’s lunch time and we are provided a lovely hog roast with all the trimmings and apple sauce! Tasty! Nervous tension thrums around the eaters of lunch. Sky and Perform seem to be performing (sorry) particularly well and a knockout place seems impossible for the Media Nomads. However, results go their way. Total Media just over ED & F Man launches the Media Nomads into the knockout stages to face the undefeated…Sky Media. Yikes. Half Time Special: with appearances from three members of the silver medal Rugby 7’s team from Rio arrive amongst fanfare for selfies and wisdom for the children. A crossbar challenge takes place on pitch 1, which promises a year supply of cider to the person who can kick the ball onto the bar from 22 yards. No one wins, but hey, everyone is a winner today! Adam Dineen, Digital Media Recruiter and proud keeper of the scoreboard throughout the day updates the times and the games reconvene. The Media Nomads go out bravely. Ground and pound, push and move, wriggle and sprint. Sky Media look the real deal. They look organized and professional. They pack a punch, but so do our boys who after a disappointing first half manage to claw the match back to 26-14. That was the end of the day for the Media Nomads, but not for the revelry, the fun, the heartbreak and the charitable cause that all these great digital media companies raised money for. What a fantastic day! Even this cynical football loving reporter got invested in the drama of it all. Up the Media Nomads!