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The Sweet in the Sours

The Sweet in the Sours. Cheesy, but that’s how I like my burgers. Gripping, dripping and lubricated in cheese. Sadly, this delightful little restaurant, which sits perfectly on the cusp of one of the Seven Dials didn’t cheese my burger. It’s forgivable though considering how tasty this hidden gem turned out to be. It seems like nowadays the there’s a new burger joint or chicken place opening every other week and that’s expected when it comes to Urban life, the crescendo of importation and diversity. What is Chick ‘n’ Sours? It’s fundamentally a chicken place that serves you cocktails. It’s the Ronseal of the gourmet chicken market, it “does what is says on the tin!”. I can only speak for myself and the small portion of the menu I managed to consume so let’s start there. You enter, greeted with a smile by waiters/waitresses who seem to fall somewhere in-between Shoreditch lookalikes and fitness aficionados, and are escorted downstairs to a homely, candle lit bar and food service area where there are an array of booths/tables. A modern, professional vibe with the option for romance and intimacy if that takes your fancy. The menu boasts fried chicken, burgers, tenders, side dishes galore and cocktails! Some examples cocktails: Pink Elephant – Vodka, Banana, Pineapple, Pomegranate, Citrus and Sour. - £7 Pepino’s Gun – Tequila, Cucumber, Mint, Triple Sec, Citrus and UP - £8 Fabulous Gay Wedding – Gin, Strawberry, Cucumber, Honey and Bubbles. – A £20 Fishbowl to share! After being seated and nipping to the contemporary, and very necessary gender neutral toilet, we were served promptly and joyfully. Our waitress was vivaciously engaging and suggested some inhouse recommends. Both my dining partner and myself settled on the K-POP burger – a huge fried chicken burger with an Asian twist, consisting of: Korean Fried Thigh, gochujang, chilli vinegar and Asian ‘slaw, however, I added dripping fries to my order being the gutbuster that I am, which are fries lathered in chicken fat. Not for those vegetarians/vegans out there, but a wonderful cornucopia of taste for the red-blooded meat eater like me. The food was sizable, verging on insurmountable, but I would rather have too much than too little, and arrived very promptly. The tastes were visceral (as all tastes should be) but they really packed a punch. I paradoxically tasted each element individually and in unison). Imagine a mountain of the finest fried chicken being kissed on both sides by a brioche bun and wedded in-between the contention is a layer of Asian heaven that add a simultaneous sweet ‘n’ sour favouring to please both sides. I have to confess that if it had been a smaller burger it would have been devoured much quicker. The chips were want every McDonalds customer wants without really every knowing that. Due to the size of the burger, I couldn’t finish them, but the staff were more than happy to doggy bag them and send me on my merry way. The food wasn’t overly expensive, the burger and chips came separately, it was just the right price for the city and left no bad taste in my mouth. The only sour thing about this experience is that I had to leave. I would recommend highly. Harley Cooper Consultant@Moriati