Executive Search

This process is led by Moriati MD, Adam and Director, Charlie to offer you the greatest quality of service possible.


The Executive Search approach is appropriate for the most sensitive and senior of appointments and/or where the scarcity of necessary talent makes advertising ineffective. Rapid growth, acquisitions and the special demands of international operations can trigger the need to identify managers of exceptional capability in the target industries. The process involves three main stages; - preparation, research and shortlisting. A great advantage of using the Executive Search process is that the identity of the client’s company can be kept confidential until the appropriate moment.


Following a full briefing, a detailed candidate profile and job specification is prepared together with relevant background information. The limits of what can and cannot be disclosed are set and target industries are agreed.


A combination of desk research and discussion with relevant sources help to establish the market from which suitable candidates are likely to emerge. A discreet approach is then followed by detailed interviewing of appropriate individuals.


A full report including personal appraisal is prepared on each short listed candidate and submitted to the client prior to interview. Should requirements so dictate, the client’s identity need not be revealed until this point. We undertake to continue a search until it is brought to a successful conclusion.
The fee structure for an Executive Search is different to our standard terms; please contact Adam or Charlie for more information.