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Media Nomads

Rugby (then beer)

The Media Nomads was started in 1992 by a couple of bored advertising types who were looking for something to do on a Sunday afternoon. In the days before league rugby became the only game in town there was a whole sub-culture in existence across the South East of London where “social” teams met on Sunday afternoon and played thirty minutes each way before retiring to the bar. 

The Nomads was founded in response to the Savoy RFC missing opposition for a game one February afternoon. Drawn from the media industry, this rag tag group of individuals turned up and put in a good account of themselves against a serious team that had won several competitions that season. As always, we never really knew who was going to turn up or whether you would have the right players in the right places and we ended up playing one more game before the season closed. The 1992/93 season was the realisation of an idea that was to become a social hub long before Facebook! Many of the great and the good in today’s media industry played for the Nomads as they started their careers. And some of them were sober. The team recorded more wins than losses.

The highlight came in 1995 when we toured Jersey beating their first XV who had not lost for 41 matches 18-17. This set a pattern.  A season of 7-10 games, all on a Sunday followed by an end of season tour to various far flung destinations. We took our tours seriously. Monikers and behaviours were assumed and we travelled with Mr Surprise, a Judge, a Policeman and the Stuntman arriving in places like Dublin, Prague, Budapest, Boston and Copenhagen to cause mayhem. We ended up in the press (trade and national) and formed life long friendships borne out of those heady days of youthful irreverence.

A close affiliation with the English Agencies RFC was inevitable and we grew old together, disgracefully. The curtain came down on the Media Nomads (MK1) with the final tour to Holland in March 2003. The clubs re-birth happened in early 2006 and it gives those of us around 20 years ago great pleasure to see it prosper in today’s competitive landscape. The guise is different with mid-week fixtures in a City league, but the spirit is the same. Like minded people doing like minded things united by a love of a fantastic game that is fun to play.

Long may it continue – and with Charlie at the helm, I am sure that it will.


Match Reports

Media Nomads RFC 14 - 63 Lloyds of London

First off, my apologies for dropping out late in the day but I wasn’t going to be much use on the pitch. Thanks to Justin for stepping up.
The scoreline in no way reflects the effort or...

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